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Tipples and Lit: The Gold Rush

Tipples and Lit: The Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush cocktail is a  variant of the whiskey sour, and one of our preferred cocktails for imbibing and reading. Its creation is credited to T. J. Siegal. Siegal is believed to have perfected the Gold Rush while working as a bartender […]

<b><i>Tipples & Lit</b></i>: Refresh Yourself With A Coffee Tonic

Tipples & Lit: Refresh Yourself With A Coffee Tonic

Coffee Tonic Tipples & Lit has happily explored cocktails (and the books that make them even better!), but sometimes what we crave is a refreshing beverage sans alcohol. In those moments, we pair coffee with tonic water for an unexpectedly delicious twist on an iced coffee. […]

<b><i>Tipples & Lit</b></i>: Lillet and Soda

Tipples & Lit: Lillet and Soda

Alcohol and literature are inseparable—just ask Dylan Thomas (Ha. Too soon?). Tortured poets aside, there’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting down with a book while enjoying an adult beverage. Simplicity is the key when it comes to drinking while reading. You don’t to spend too […]