Cocktail Hour: Bourbon Punch

Hosting Book Club this week? Want to WOW your guests with something other than that batch of Skinny Girl Margs that tastes like sweaty pool water? Great! How about…

Bourbon Punch

Place a pot of water on the stove (6 cups or so), add 2-3 cups of sugar (depending on desired sweetness), and when it nears a boil add 5 tea bags (pick a black tea with fruit accents). Let the tea steep for about 5-7 minutes before transferring to a punch bowl. From there, add a bottle of Old Overholt bourbon—don’t worry, Old Overholt is a very sweet, easy drinking bourbon—and about a cup of lemon juice (fresh is best, but in a pinch bottled can work). Depending on the tea you chose you can add fresh berries or sprigs of mint. And that’s it!

Adding some OJ can be tasty, though it will make your punch a bit milky. In the end, just experiment. If you aren’t happy with your end product, add more tea—it will even out your missteps. Be sure to cut a few lemon wheels to float on top.

Literary Pairing

This convivial concoction is absolutely something you would have found at some of literature’s most infamous parties. Dive in while revisiting party-centric favorites like The Great Gatsby or Mrs. Dalloway.