Vesper Cocktail
Bottoms Up! The Vesper

Simplicity is the key when it comes to drinking while reading. You don’t to spend too much time prepping your drink, but you also don’t always want…

4 Must Reads For January

4 Must-Read Books For January

A Taste For Nightshade by Martine Bailey (Thomas Dunne Books) Bailey’s strong heroines, Grace and Mary, may not be equally appealing but …

Reading In The Sun

Beat the Heat With These Hot Summer Reads

Unless you’re on the southern hemisphere, you’re more than likely dealing with high temperatures right now. The news may have already broadcast the…

Reading in Bed

What We’re Reading – September 2015

We love recommending the latest and greatest books to you, but there are always books that slip past us for recommendations because they’…



The Underwriting by Michelle Miller

The Underwriting by Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller’s The Underwriting is one of those perfect, guilty pleasure quick reads. Following a group of young Wall Street-esq…


Armada by Ernest Cline

Zach Lightman has immersed his life in science fiction movies and video games. Never knowing his father, who passed away, Zach searched f…

Thrity’s Hour

Bloggers Recommend talks to novelist Thrity Umrigar about her latest book, The Story Hour. Would you g…